“‘Quincux’ is a precisely orchestrated, nine-minute-plus opus that evokes minimalist composers like Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, and Terry Riley, with periodic nods to Charles Ives. Not your usual pop fare, to be sure …. Expand your horizons and give this one a listen!” (BigTakeover) “Bathed in warm light in the heart of summer – June 22nd, 2017, to be exact – Heroes of Toolik find their groove together in a way that just insists on provoking an ambiance. And it’s absolutely beautiful.” (Imperfect Fifth)

Quincunx (2017)

Like Night (2016)

"A rollicking carnivalesque experience, Heroes of Toolik stretch out into the horizon without sacrificing a tight grooving grip — an explorative scat of minimalist blues, rock & roll, psychedelic pop, orchestral folk, gothic bluegrass, and theatrical art-punk. Piercing moments of noise and pillows of rustic jazz find home on the same disc, existing in bountiful harmony. This focused yet spacious eclecticism reaches mastery on their forthcoming sophomore LP, Like Night."   (Chad DePasquale, Aquarium Drunkard) (CD from CD Baby and digital

Aquarium School (2014)

“It is rare for a band to release a two-song single and have so much happening within each track, but not many bands are like Heroes of Toolik. This is an act that treats the accordion as a pivotal aspect of their sound and not something used for clever accents, and engages in shared male/female vocals with a sense of powerful urgency and simmering sensuality. “Aquarium School” is driven by trombone and the aforementioned accordion while vocalist Arad Evans delivers a subtlety sarcastic take on conformity through deliciously deadpan vocals backed up by the hauntingly beautiful voice of violinist Jennifer Coates. It is a song that demands multiple plays, not only for the unique idiosyncrasies of the structure, but the song becomes increasingly infectious with each listen. . . Heroes of Toolik only continue to elevate the quality of their work.” (Paul Quinlan, Jersey Beat) (7” vinyl & digital)

Winter Moon (2012)

The debut full length album. (CD from cd baby and digital)